Mile shoe mera thumhara

After failing in its mission to create hype around Phir Mile Sur,  Times of India and Sodafone have once again joined hands to ruin the original patriotic song once again.  This time the two commercially-inclined companies have come together to sponsor a song dedicated to those spreading violence, backwardness and hatred in India.

The song called “Miley shoe mera thumhara…toh zoo baney hamara” will feature politicians like Raj Thackeray, Mulayam Singh, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Pramod Mutalik, N D Tiwari, Maoists, Madhu Koda etc will showcase the worst of India.  “This song is dedicated to all those who want to fool the people of India, create communal disharmony and use politics to meet their own greedy ends. After our initial project to ruin the original song succeeded, we thought we should give it another shot and create a sequel to Phir Mile Sur called Mile Sur reloaded” a Times of India source told this blogger.

Mile Sur reloaded will be shot at various locations including jails and highlight the disappointment that Indians have vis-à-vis their politicians. “Some of them are busy talking about IPL when terrorists are waiting to strike at the LoC, while others are busy propping up multiple chief ministers when the common man is busy shoring up his finances to protect his family and home; still others are busy abusing each other while a generation of Indians is growing without any heroes in the political space,” a disgusted citizen told this blogger.

Some citizens were angry about the way in which two companies had made a cheap attempt to hijack patriotism. “Shame on Times of India and Sodafone for ruining a song that was blended into the fabric of national consciousness and represented our unity in diversity. The Times of India version looked like a b-grade bollywood song teeming with wanabees, whose only claim to fame could be a drenched chiffon saree, uncovered legs or a shirtless chest. Where are the real heroes like Dr Kalam and Prof Rao?” A six-year old asked this blogger.


P.I.L. BUSTER said…
Your blogs make an interesting read . However there is a typical case of how media is being prejudiced and managed and not by the accused but by the accusers.

I am referring to infamous Madhu Koda and his Rs.4000 cr. Hawala Scam. You may find out how PIL against Madhu Koda accusing him of Rs. 4000 cr. scam may be a bogus proxy lititgation. However the conspirators have managed the media so well and prejudiced the concerned authorities that the accused has been established guilty as charged in the eyes of almost entire country.

You may find the detailed story at the following blog.

I am not comfortable divulging my identity at this stage because of the sensitive nature of the information. I am posting this message on this particular post of yours because I would like more people to see the other side of the story.

And absolutely nothing like you giving your take on what we have to say. Unbiased and exactly how you see it. We are open to any sort of criticism.

P.I.L. Buster

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