Yogi could have warned Tiger Woods

In what could provide an interesting twist to the ongoing controversy on animals and their extraordinary paranormal powers, it has come to light that many celebs could have avoided public disgrace if they had just listened to their pets. A study conducted by noted animal biologist and paranormal expert Dr. Hammerschmidst has brought out several fascinating aspects of animals having premonition.

Pets, whose celeb owners were about to get into trouble displayed a variety of unusual behavior, according to Dr. Hammerschmidst. “The first case I would like to cite is not of Woods, but of an Indian Governor called Tiwari, who was embroiled in a scandal recently. Tiwari’s dog refused to sleep inside his official residence for quite sometime, was restless and would bark only at mediamen (who later put Tiwari in trouble) before Tiwari got into trouble.  The behavior was remarkably strange and even caught the attention of the dog’s vet, who couldn’t diagnose the dog’s problem,” Dr Hammerschmidst said.   

Earlier, Bill Clinton’s per mongrel had also behaved strangely when his master was about to bring trouble on himself and further Tiger Woods pet Yogi had also shown symptoms of unease before his master’s personal life took a massive tumble. “Now I am no genius but we have plenty of instances of pets turning into barometers and sensing the brewing storm before the tornado actually hit the coast. If I were a celeb going stray, I would closely monitor my pet’s behavior to know before it all comes back to me. This is evidence that hits you in your face and there’s no running away from the truth – the pets know it all,” the renowned doc said.

The doc has just finished compiling his study on animal behavior and plans to publish a book on the topic soon. Denying the popular assumption that the gift was only available to certain members of the animal kingdom, the doc says “All animals, including us humans have this power. We all feel differences in energy fields associated with the past and events that are to happen in the future. Your mind is like an antenna and you just have to tune in to the right frequency to get the vibes. The sad part is that we don’t use it so frequently as compared to animals and therefore their ESP is more evolved than ours. I am reminded of the day, when I had a feeling that something was amiss and I had that feeling throughout. It was the day when my wife ran away with my broker- I felt terrible for that guy. He didn’t deserve such a huge punishment”. 

“In hindsight, Yogi would have warned Woods if only he had listened to his pet,” Hammerschmidst says.


Busybee said…
:D yea, in retrospect there are solutions to every thing, vision @ hindsight being 20/20..
Prayukth said…
hheh yea yea yea :D
hw in te earth do u manage to spell hammersch....whteva correctly everytime in ur blog
Prayukth said…
That's thanks to that name Joe...its unforgetable..btw there is a real dr who goes by that name ;) hop he is not reading this

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