India to introduce new measures for citizens visiting Australia

Government of India will introduce a series of measures designed to discourage its citizens from visiting Australia. The move in the wake of racism rearing its ugly head in that country and the increasing instances of hate attacks directed against Indian citizens.
Indians will now have to fill in a supplementary form called form 4 B which will have to be submitted to the external affairs ministry in triplicate. The form will have complete details of the visit including place of stay, nature of visit, date of return, date of return etc. This form will also prominently display a message “Note: Visiting Australia may cause multiple injuries or death” akin to the ones displayed prominently on cigarette packets.

Compulsory martial arts and tweet training
Citizens aspiring to Australia will be given compulsory training in martial arts and tweeting. Indian government has tied up with various institutions to offer martial arts training and only those citizens who get a black belt or above will be allowed to visit down under. However citizens who resemble Amar Singh, Mayawathi, Deve Gowda or a combination thereof or posses nauseating personality traits similar to these politicians will not have to undergo this training.

MoS External Affairs Shashi Taroor will offer Tweet training to those seeking to visit Australia. This scheme will ensure that the external affairs ministry gets a minute-minute update in case a racist attack takes place on an Indian citizen. “Indian government will then sit watch helplessly and keep a statement condemning the Australian government, ready.


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