Breakthrough in N D Tiwari case

In a major development, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Andhra police has claimed that it has recovered the missing pajama of former AP governor N D Tiwari. The pyjama, considerd to be a vital link in solving the N D Tiwari sting case (in which the governor was found without his pyjama with a few girlfriends) had gone missing in the aftermath of the video appearing on a news channel.

Acting on a tip off received in the first week of January, SIT conducted raids in different parts of the state. During one of those raids, the cops uncovered a set of pajamas that had been tampered beyond recognition, but one of them had the alphabets N D T embossed on it. Based on a hunch, the team forwarded the pyjama to the Police Forensic lab. The results revealed that the pyjama were none other than the ones the team wanted. The cops have taken a local shop vendor to investigate further. SIT will now file a fresh case against unknown persons for tampering with evidence.

The pajamas will bring a add a new dimension to the controversy that had embroiled the Raj Bhavan and forced Tiwari to resign on "health" grounds. As expected, Tiwari has disowned the pajamas and claimed that he was being framed by a set of pyjama bandits out to defame his spotless political career. "These bandits have been hired by a set of goons who are my political rivals and have an axe to grind with me. These are not my pyjamas. I only wear pokimon pyjamas that are not available in India and have to be imported on order from USA. I can show you my import license and the pyjama shown to by SIT is an ordinary one that is manufactured locally," Tiwari said.

The pajama recovered by SIT...


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