Indian politicians anguished by Tiger’s behavior

“We condemn this transgression and travesty of established social rules perpetrated by Shri Tiger Woods in the strongest possible terms. The political and moral community in India based in parliament and operating with the strongest sense of fairness and justice is indeed hurt and anguished by the behavior of Shri Woods,” said Chavvani Lal, Minister for Extra Marital Affairs, Government of India in a written reply to a question raised by a ‘concerned member' on the recent la affaire de Woods being played out in the global media.

Cutting across party lines during zero hour, members of parliament, condemned Tiger Woods for his unilateral act and urged US government to take stringent action against the top golfer. “We should make an example out of this guy,” said one MP. “Why doesn’t someone throw a shoe at him,” said another. Some members asked the Indian government to come out with a whitepaper on extra marital affairs of celebs and take steps to discourage them from straying from marriage.

When Chavvani Lal asked members to furnish information on their extra marital affairs, many members were seen leaving the parliament quietly.


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