How to deal with those who want a separate state?


* Ask them to create a community on facebook. They will get a separate state as and when the community membership touches 12,635,00,000
* While they are at it, let them also write a thesis on the privacy policies of facebook
* Those who are fasting should be allowed to do so…provided they do it on the sets of one of those cookery shows (while the show is being shot)
* All negotiations with such parties should be conducted in hotels where they serve great food.  No negotiator should have more than 10 mts distance between him\her and food at all times
* Media should not be allowed anywhere near such people
* Such people should not be allowed to tweet or update their statuses on social networks
* Force them to watch Avatar on PC (the pirated DVD must be out by now)
* Install Windows Vista in their laptops/pcs 
* Force them to go on a date with Gurinder Chadda (without makeup)
* If they want a state, then they should be ready to allow Raj Thackrey, Imam Bukhari, Mayawathi and Pramod Mutalik to reside there
* They should be given a state – if they can convince Obama to stop giving aid to Pakistan
* If everything else fails..give in – ask them to create a separate state in Second life


Apple said…
Hehh..i like the fast & cookery show idea!!
FB Members would be like how WE managed to get a community up ;)

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