Aamir Khan may be inducted into Inteligence Bureau

Sources, as close to the government as Tiger Woods’ wife is to the top golfer now, have told this blogger that the Intelligence Bureau has asked the government to allow the agency to recruit actor Aamir Khan as an agent for running its covert operations in India. The request was made recently through a file uploaded on the NIC server in Delhi.

The top brass of IB were apparently impressed by Aamir’s recent stunt involving a disguised trip around the country to promote his latest movie 3 idiots. The so called perfectionist actor was so impressive with his disguise that he could fool many a movie buff who couldn’t recognize the twice married actor inside the weirdo getup. Aamir has also been invited by some IB officials for a presentation at the agency’s headquarters on Friday and has received an invite from IB for joining their community on Facebook. Sources close to the actor have confirmed both invites, but refused to confirm if the actor has accepted them or he will wait till the movie hits theaters.

A typical Sleeper Cell

It may be remembered that IB has been quite unsuccessful in its efforts to infiltrate several terrorist sleeper cells operating in various parts of the country. In fact, things have been so bleak that some terror modules had even started issuing special passes for IB agents to visit them, as the agents were identified on every single occasion without fail by the terrorists. Using Aamir Khan, the agency hopes to launch a new covert operation and send the actor into identified lairs of terrorists starting with Mumbai incognito. “We have identified several cells that we hope to penetrate using a disguised Aamir,” a senior IB official told this blogger over a Skype chat. The actor’s current wife Kiran did not appear amused (with the choice of words used by the IB guy) when this blogger approached her to confirm the sequence of events.

When asked as to where he got his disguise skills, Aamir said “Those days when I was dating many ladies, I had to try many disguises to avoid detection. First of all, I had to avoid my wife, then my neighbors, then the people on the street and finally the girl’s parents and I had to do all this just to date her. Do you think I could have done all this if I was not good at disguising myself? Such episodes have made me more confident and also honed my skills as a disguise expert and besides being an actor also helped a bit”.


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