Who proved what this week…

Tendulkar: If you are god, you can choose your retirement date
Headley: That our national security and intelligence apparatus is woefully ill-equipped to detect and neutralize terror plots directed against the country…for the nth time
A Q Khan: That no matter how much muck comes out of the nuke proliferation saga, US and IAEA will feign ignorance on Pakistan’s stellar role in making the world unsafe
Manu Sharma: That if you are rich and connected, you can get away with anything
Ajmal Kasab: That the life span of a terrorist captured in action is more than that of a average Indian
Raj Thackrey: That anyone can get away with issuing threats to a PSU bank
Kareena Kapoor: That Shiv Saniks love her back…and dont want the world to see it
Kevin Rudd AKA dud: That you can talk business to a country while its citizens are being killed in your own country


Absolute said…
This was a good one... Kudos on your thoughtfulness!
Apple said…
Add to the list...
If you are Shashi Tharoor..You can work up a storm for seniors just by tweeting :)

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