Raj Thackrey - India's gift to Australia

Raj Thackrey, India’s very own Taliban-minded racist clown will be traveling to Australia soon. This move comes after the visiting Australian PM Kevin Rud (aka the dud) made a special request on this count to his Indian counterpart.

Sources in the Minister of External Affairs while confirming the request, told this blogger that the same was under active consideration at the highest level. “We may export Raj to Australia as per the Aussie PMs request. Australia it seems is keen on getting a certified racist to steer its internal racist polices and provide a primer for bringing all racist groups under one roof to act in synergy to perpetrate hate crimes,” a senior official said on Friday.

“People like Raj Thackrey belong to countries like Australia and Pakistan. They have lot in common and propagate a culture of divisiveness based on skin color, religion, ethnicity or even the langots they wear. Raj Thackrey could have become the PM of Australia or an Army Chief in Pakistan, if he was not born in India,” a former EA ministry official told this blogger over tea.


Seriously our country is infested with such langoors he, his son along with that stupid Muthalik should b deported to such countries.
Apple said…
Gift Raj Thakre to them only!!!!

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