We are only giving Pakistan love bites: Taliban

Stunned by increasing criticism from friendly quarters in the Pakistan army and bloggers from within the country, Taliban has claimed that its recent attacks were only a symbol of its deep felt love for Pakistan. The claim was made at a thinly attended press conference in Karachi by Taliban’s chief motor mouth spokesperson Ali Gee.
“These attacks may cause some pain to Pakistan but then that’s our way of displaying our affection for the country and army that has created and mentored us. Such behavior is common among couples in a relationship and I don’t see why anyone should suspect our pious intentions,” Gee said.

Taliban has been forced to make its stand clear after a section of bloggers in Pakistan came out strongly against what they called “Taliban’s scant respect for the very hands that fed and clothed them”. The bloggers calling themselves BAP (Bloggers Association of Pakistan) have asked Taliban to immediately shun violence and return to barracks along with the Pakistan army. Taliban was also condemned by Pakistan army for the attacks. The latter even threatened to cut the formers military aid if the attacks didn’t cease.

Gee said that while they had immense love for Pakistan, their adoration cannot be taken for granted. “Pakistan Army should understand that our love is not infinite and that we could also make these bites more ferocious and cause more pain to Pakistan.


yeah they truely are BAP they can also be called BAAP (bloggers association of anti peace)

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