Paris Hilton bags Nobel nomination

In an interesting move, the Nobel committee has nominated Paris Hilton for the it’s ‘coveted’ peace prize for 2010. The nomination was announced by the highly revered Nobel jury in a press release issued on Friday from a frozen cave in Oslo.

“The Nobel Committee has decided to nominate Ms Hilton for her extraordinary role in diverting world attention from serious issues like terrorism, poverty and global warming. Sometimes it gets really sad and we need someone like Ms Hilton to keep our spirits high and besides the committee members have on more than one occasion had the privilege of downloading her videos and pictures and viewing them in the privacy of their rooms,” the release said.

Experts, while concurring with the Nobel committee, have said that without Hilton appearing on the scene, Osama would have attacked the US more often, ISI would have exported more terrorists to India and more Chinese soldiers would have crossed the Line of Actual Control dividing Indian and Chinese forces into Indian territory. “All these guys are fans of Hilton and spend more than 10 hours a day drooling over the Page 3 goddess. Imagine if she was not around, all that time would have been spend plotting more evil,” a self appointed defense expert told this blogger.

Meanwhile, US President welcomed the move saying it was a positive one and would result in more peace and tranquility in the world. When reminded that they were talking about Hilton, Obama claimed that there was a bug in the room and he needed to kill it before he could continue the chat.


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