OIC appoints envoy for Antarctica

Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), one of the most jobless bodies in the world, has announced the appointment of a new envoy for Antarctica, Moon and Mars.

“This move was long pending. We have already shortlisted the names and are currently in the process of deputing them to the respective areas,” said Al Bhakri, chief spokesperson for OIC in a statement released to the public on Friday. Explaining the move to this blogger, Bhakri said “all these areas are disputed and we feel that we have been mandated by the world to take care of disputed areas in the universe. From now on OIC will involve itself in all decisions to be taken on these areas”.
When reminded of the fact that China has been occupying Tibet for a while now and OIC was yet to depute a “representative” for that country, Bhakri pretended to faint and was carried out of the room by two guys from the Pakistani camp.

Meanwhile Pakistan has welcome the latest OIC move and claimed that this would pave way for peaceful resolution of conflicts in these areas. According to Pakistan’s OIC representative Al Pungee, “the move will help resolve the dispute over Moon, Antarctica and Mars. “From now on no country will be able to launch missions to the moon, mars or Antarctica, without written permission from OIC,” Pungee said.

Experts have pointed out that the OIC was probably as relevant today as Shiny Ahuja in bollywood. The global body has failed to live up to the aspirations of member countries and is busy poking its nose into matters that were not connected with it. Further states like Pakistan who are invisible on other global fora find it easy to grab undivided attention at the meetings of OIC, which slept through the disintegration of Pakistan, the Lebanon war, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Repeated attempts to contact OIC’s busy representative on Kashmir were unsuccessful as the dude is known to sleep for 16 hours a day. He spends rest of his time playing video games and watching FTV.

OIC's representative for Antarctica


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