Now issue Fatwa via SMS

To cater to the growing demand for issuing Fatwas at the drop of a hat, Pakistan’s main telecom operator Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTC) has launched a new ‘SMS a Fatwa’ service. The service will be initially available in over 30 cities in Pakistan and will be rolled out in more areas over the next 2 years.

Announcing the decision, PTC chairman Mullah Aslam Share Khan said “the service has been launched in response to requests from senior mullahs across Pakistan. They wanted to issue fatwa via sms as that was the most convenient way of doing it”. To use the service, PTC customers have to send “fat” to 67546; after the mandatory registration process, the subscriber is deemed ready. When a Mullah or Mulli wants to issue a Fatwa, he or she just has to send Act followed by the text of Fatwa to the number. PTC then publishes the Fatwa on its website after running it past the National Mullah Network (NMN). Top Fatwa issuers will be rewarded and inducted into NMN every year.

The Fatwa market in Pakistan has been witnessing steady growth in the last few years driven by a nonexistent civilian government and a US subservient army. A range of mullahs across the nation have swiftly moved in to fill the leadership vacuum that currently exists.


Apple said…
"send “fat” to 67546"
What do u think r the chances people have already tried that??
Considering wide reach of ur blogs ;)
Apple said…
ANDDD this mkr will forever stay booming :P :P
why do we have such blessed neighbours???gawdddd

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