Lest we forget 26-11

Defining images from the time when Pakistan sent its cowards across the border...if this had happened to any other nation, Pakistan would have been relegated to history forever..but here we are...a year down the line and Pakistan is not just alive but is plotting a sequel. All the anger that we saw after 26-11 has all been drowned in the humdrum of our mundane existence. We have embedded grief and anger into our conscience and are always more than eager to move on...at what cost? Probably that is why we are a billion plus and the government has stopped focusing on family planning because Pakistan is doing that on its behalf...

There is only one question that i have for the Government of India..what is the threshold body count that Pakistan-sponsored cowards have to generate in India before we thrash the daylights out of that miserable pest thriving in our neighborhood?

Going back, these are some of the images from the day time stood still...just look at the pic of the child. The next generation of Indians is already paying for the cowardice of our politicians...a scarred psyche is what is written in their destiny, thanks to our incompetence, apathy and failure to empathize.


deekay said…
...........true........it is one year since 26/11...but tell me prayukth.......what can we as the citizens of India do so that such things do not happen again??
Arun Mathew said…
very true Prayukth... we as people of india are more forgetful than being forgiving, everyone here has this hatred against the militants and the politicians, forgetting what we can do about it
Apple said…
Oh boy..those pics..are not a nice reminder!!
@ Arun..nope..we dont forget!! we only talk about stuff!!
R decision makers are more forgiving!! I think we should just adopt the enemy policy and be voilent a few no of times...so that they think twice before doing it again!!!!

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