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Now tweet your will…
In what could provide a major relief to many, the Indian government has agreed in principle to let people post their will on Twitter. A bill to this effect will be placed on the floor of the house shortly and law makers are expecting a smooth sail without any major objections.
“I have seen how harassed people are when it comes to legalizing their will. This is a move that will help many who have not had a chance to formally declare their will,” Union Minister for Law and Illegal affairs Peerappa Molly said on Monday.

China objects again
China has objected to Indian movie star Aamir Khan’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh. In a statement issued by the Chinese foreign ministry late Friday evening, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wu Xing Hu claimed that the visit would formant trouble in what china claims is a disputed territory. When reminded that Aamir Khan was not a political figure in India and nor was the star planning to visit the Eastern most state in Indian union, Hu went into a shell and said that some heads will roll in the foreign ministry soon for this. “ I have asked the guys in charge to keep the guillotine ready..I will be dispatching a few people soon,” he said.

Pakistan is now an official sponsor of terrorism in Iran
Pakistan, world’s #1 sponsor of global terror has added Iran to the list of nations affected by its terrorist activities. Iran officially became a victim after the Sunday’s attack on Revolutionary Guards headquarters. Iran has said that Pak-based terror groups were involved in the attack and asked that country to extend cooperation in brining the perpetrators to justice.

Responding to Iran’s directive, Pakistan’s foreign ministry welcome the move. “ So far we have been actively spreading terror in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and China. Iran was missing on the list and now that they have implicated us, we feel vindicated and happy. We are currently awaiting a dossier from them and then we will deny all involvement and conduct a bogus trial if we catch any perpetrators,” a Pak foreign ministry official said.


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