Images from the week gone by - focus on Obama

One of the first reactions from the animal world...on Obama bagging the Nobel

Cows milk is a known antidote against undeserving Nobel winners

Pakistan's inquiry on 26-11 is on full steam...

Obama's trademark "I didnt deserve, but got it smile..."

Mera # kab aayegha? When will I win a Nobel prize, this dude is thinking

Potential Nobel aspirants fishing for Nobel in troubled waters..

This dude heard the news while he was on the this picture he is trying to derive some sense from the decision of the Nobel jury

Obama's Nobel haircut is the new in thing...


pearl said…
here is Swayam. I read your post today in Sulekha.The reason you have written there is very true and that is why I too left Sulekha.Now I have launched a new site and writing over there. If you have time do visit and if you liked it do are most welcome.A contest is going on and hope to see your write up in this site .giving you the link
Arun Mathew said…
Good compilation of pictures... totally giving the message.. cheers
Prayukth said…
@ Pearl, will do it buddy..u tak care

@Arun..thats buddy..hope there wont be any compliance issues here ;)

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