China will become so called China

Continuing the diplomatic tit-tat with China, India has announced that in the future it would refer to its Eastern neighbor and anything connected with it with a “so called" prefix. This blogger has learnt that a policy decision to this effect is in the pipeline.

“This means that China becomes so called China, Beijing becomes so called Beijing and Wen Jiabao becomes so called Wen Jaibao. We have had enough of Chinese meddling into our business. If they can call our state as so called Arunachal Pradesh, we can also call anything connected with that so called country with a similar prefix,” a senior foreign ministry official told this blogger.

Experts say that this move is designed to teach china a lesson in international manners.


Arun Mathew said…
May be this is the last chance to teach them, the so called friendly neighbours, something.. Lets hope they learn something.
Apple said…
why r v even TRYING2teach r so called uncouth neighbour??

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