China gets it from India

The Indian foreign ministry has finally mustered enough spine to give it back to the worlds most hated nation (TAM polls 2009, sample: global size 500000).

After much dilly dallying and feet dragging, India has chosen to give china a apt gift to wish the nation on the 60th anniversary of commie rule there. India has dispatched two shoes to the Peoples Republic China on Friday and thanked the commie leadership for its jealously myopic move of questioning India’s territorial integrity.

Needless to say, the commie nation reacted with anger at India’s latest move and threatened more intrusions and extra visa slips for other Indian states. “The great commie comrade Hu Jintao has developed a rash in an undisclosed part after he saw the gift from the land of the Tiger. He has asked his loyal soldiers to be ready to sell more contaminated milk and toys around the world to fund the commie army. He has also increased the funding for the Chinese National Intrusion Academy to prepare future intruders,” PLA spokesperson Yukk Thoo Chin said in a recorded conversation mailed to this blogger.

“These two shoes represent the sentiments of Indian citizens for the leaders of china who have been indulging in indespicable acts designed to irritate Indians. We have now given the first dose of our response to them. If China keeps this up, we will find other means give it back to them – militarily or otherwise,” a senior bureaucrat told this blogger.

Images of the two gifts.
The first gift delivered via hot air baloons (to represent the hot air filled leadership of China..)

One more gift on the ground. This one was couriered to the commie leadership in Beijing..


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