China continues to act mad...

At 60 China appears more belligerent than ever. A team of folks from India’s external affairs ministry has shortlisted a few items that could be gifted to the commie leaders of the worlds most cowardly country on this occasion.

• Bhappi Lahiri’s Bermuda with steel nadas
• Anu Malik’s waterproof wig
• Copies of the movie Desh Drohi with sub titles
• Mayawathi’s make up kit
• Arnab’s Natraj Pencil
• Rajdeep’s dye, also used by the National Highway Authority on highways across India
• A copy of the book Guts for dummies for China’s spineless army that tries to sneak into Indian territory
• Tickets for participating in Pati, patni Aur Woh instead of the hapless kids
• A week with “monster dad” in his very own prison cell
• A copy of the DVD containing Shiny Ahuja’s wife’s speech where she explains why her hubby is innocent
• A ride in one of the decommissioned MiG 21s
• Prakash Karat
• Copy of Ottavio Quattrocchi’s autobiography
• Fake dinosaur egg with a “made in China” tag
• Stapler with 300 pins

We wish the cowardly nation the worst in the days to come. Always remember “what goes around comes around”…so today the braindead hegemonic chinki racist commies are questioning our territorial integrity..tomorrow..someone will give back to these toads


Anonymous said…
bappi lahri s bermuda wid "gold" nadas bhaiyaa

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