Why are the Chinese intruding into India…?

Find out why Chinese army stooges are barging into Indian territory as if there is no tomorrow…
* Some of them are trying to defect (only to be caught and thrown back to China)
* Some are coming to partake in the Jinnah festival organized by the BJP
* Some wanted to participate in Rakhi’s Swayavar (a dubbed version of which is currently being telecast by some Chinese channels)
* Some used a government sponsored Chinese version of google maps (Coogle) which shows the world as Chinese territory
* Some wanted to eat some real food other than noodles
* Some sought to meet the Dalai Lama, thinking he is a local action hero
* Some seek to learn more about the noble art of shoe throwing so that they could go back and fling a few slippers at their commie leaders
* Some wanted to earn a few bucks through the national rural employment guarantee scheme
* Some wanted to objectively participate in the twitter vs facebook debate (without the Chinese government telling them what stand to take)
* Some of them wanted to see the amount of pigeon crap that has been deposited on mayawathis recently launched statues
* Some wanted to meet Harsha Bhogle’s tricologist
The Chinese government thought this would give Arnab another opportunity to poke his pen at Indians


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