New method to deal with Chinese intruders may get GoI nod

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed a new indigenous method to repel and discourage Chinese intrusions. DRDO, which is always in the news for all wrong reasons, claims that the new technique will bring instances of intrusion down , if not eliminate them.

This blogger, was allowed to take a picture of a lab test that was conducted at an undisclosed facility recently. The test involves subjecting captured Chinese intruders to a ‘hippo rear kiss’ a patent-pending technique involving a healthy hippo, a containing space and plenty of fresh air. The whole process will be monitored by none other than compulsive mom Menaka Gandhi, to ensure that no animal is hurt.

“We will make the hippo sit on the captured commie army guy for a fraction of a second. This will make him and his superiors see the Line of Actual Control more clearly and respect Indian territory and if they don’t, we will scale up and bring in a whale or something,” a senior scientist associated with the project told this blogger.

But for the whole project to succeed, the Indian Army will have to capture some of the intruders. “We are working on that too. We have almost finished designing a prototype of a devise that will trap the unsuspecting Peoples Liberation Army commie. The trap looks like an unpainted rock and when the soldier tries to paint “china” on it, a lever will be triggered and the guy trapped”, the scientist said.

Sources say that the Indian government, irritated by the constant nagging by the commies on the Eastern frontier, has responded positively to the whole project. A official nod is expected soon.

The exclusive pic depicting a test in progress..


induchhibber said…
Where do you get these ideas ?And the pic is so evocative!
:D The chinese inspire me Indu :) all credit to them :))

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