Jet to start a new super budget airline -

Jet Airways CEO and Dawood’s point man in India Naresh Goyal has announced that his airline would soon start a new feeder service using pilots who have revolted under the banner of National Aviators Guild (NAG). The new service called Jet-NAG will be available on select routes and will feature whining pilots.

Speaking exclusively to media at a press conference, Goyal said that the new service will be launched soon and will cover uneconomic routes. Goyal was flanked by his all weather friend and enabler in the civil aviation ministry, Praful Patel at the press conference. “Jet NAG flights will cost only a third of the cost of their full service counterparts. But the passengers will have to bear with pilots who will be cribbing throughout the flight on the passenger address system in planes. The pilots will be allowed to crib about anything they wish, including intrusion by china, firing by Pakistan, rising price of sugar and the failure of Indian cricket team in Sri Lanka,” Goyal claimed.

The new airline is part of a truce agreement arrived by the airline and pilots association on Friday. The pilots had demanded deployment on select routes along with facility to use the passenger address system to air their grievances publically. They also wanted to put up cribbing videos on You Tube. The status of this demand is still unknown and a mail sent by this blogger to Jet corporate id got an out of patience reply. Attempts to contact NAG proved futile as members feigned sickness to avoid joining work. One of them even claimed that he was answering the phone from the restroom though the sound of a movie was clearly audible in the background.

“These guys nag more than my wife. The other day one so called pilot called me and said that he couldn’t fly that day as his shoes were not polished. Yet another one said that he could only fly if Jet were to stitch his mosquito net that was torn. I have had it with these guys and threw two of them out and that’s what led to this crises. So now that we have crossed the bridge, we might as well throw a few stones into the river,” Goyal said. When asked to what the statement meant, Goyal claimed he was sick and vanished, leaving a bewildered civil aviation minister to fend questions from an amused media on behalf of Goyal.

Meanwhile, some scribes couldn’t help pondering as to how Patel was able to devote so much attention to a private airline at a time when the national Maharaja was struggling for survival.


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