Hafiz Saeed flies economy class, evokes applause

In a dramatic move, Pakistan’s terror mascot and India’s most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed flew economy class on Friday evoking applause from the who’s-who of Pakistan.
“At a time when we are beset with allegations of diversion of alms received from US, this is indeed a very pious and noble move by one of our most beloved and respected terrorists and we welcome it. We have to make sure that all money received from US is properly used,” a senior Pakistani interior ministry bureaucrat said. Sources say that the ISI has taken a cue from this and is planning to issue standing instructions to all terrorists sponsored by it to fly by economy class or travel by trains.

Hafiz was on his way to Islamabad to visit a terror camp on the outskirts of the city. “I have done nothing extraordinary. In fact Pakistan government with aid from the US is doing everything it can to foster terrorist groups and use terrorists to achieve its strategic goals. I am only trying to help in these testing times,” Hafiz said. It may be remembered that Pakistan International Airlines has been offering a special business class package to chosen terrorists.

In a related move, China has asked its Peoples Liberation Army to only intrude into India in bullock carts and cycles only. An order to this effect was issued by PLA on Friday evening. Further, PLA has also asked its soldiers to use only water color to paint China on rocks on the Indian side.


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