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Praful Patel, Dawood's Nero in India

He is one of the most incompetent ministers in the UPA ministry. In addition, he is also a paid stooge who is on the payroll of a guy who is the point man of Dawood Ibrahim in India.

Praful Patel is one guy who should take the credit for the mess that Air India is in. He has systematically ensured the erosion of competitive edge that the Maharaja used to posses before he took over. He has also worked with his boss Naresh Goyal to open up all lucrative routes to competition and then ensured the withdrawal of AI from the same. This man made the national carrier bleed to ensure that the coffers of his master Naresh Goyal were full at all times.

While Patel took a keen interest in the functioning of Jet Airlines (even attending ceremonies organized by Goyal), he neglected Air India and its needs consistently. Whenever Jet Airways or Goyal were to face any business hitch, they could easily fall back on their man in the ministry of civil aviation to bail them out. On both occasions, viz when …

Images from the week gone by...

A Chinese intruder caught by the Indian Army receiving "the treatment"

Once bitten, twice shy: Obama is now very careful about the type of weapons given to the Pakistan army

Clear evidence of diverting aid: a guitar donated by a US band has been remodeled by a Pakistani organization into a weapon of terror

This guy is Praful Patel's animal equivalent

Pakistan's new minister for deniable affairs

10 commandments for china

Geneva based International Institute of Commandments has framed 10 commandments directed at China and its increasing hegemony. The commandments ask China to stop behaving like a savage and imbibe a culture of tolerance and understanding for fellow nations. Here are the commandments..

““Thou shalt not eye neighbor’s territory
Thou shalt not arm and fund terrorists
Thou shalt not sell contaminated drugs with or without a “made in another country” tag
Thou shalt not suppress democracy on thy land
Thou shalt not think thy nation is supreme
Thou shalt not orient thy missiles towards neighboring lands
Thou shalt not think that thee owns all national resources
Thou shalt not trespass into neighbors territory
Thou should let people breed
Thou should shun communism” ”

New method to deal with Chinese intruders may get GoI nod

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed a new indigenous method to repel and discourage Chinese intrusions. DRDO, which is always in the news for all wrong reasons, claims that the new technique will bring instances of intrusion down , if not eliminate them.

This blogger, was allowed to take a picture of a lab test that was conducted at an undisclosed facility recently. The test involves subjecting captured Chinese intruders to a ‘hippo rear kiss’ a patent-pending technique involving a healthy hippo, a containing space and plenty of fresh air. The whole process will be monitored by none other than compulsive mom Menaka Gandhi, to ensure that no animal is hurt.

“We will make the hippo sit on the captured commie army guy for a fraction of a second. This will make him and his superiors see the Line of Actual Control more clearly and respect Indian territory and if they don’t, we will scale up and bring in a whale or something,” a senior scientist associated …

Images from the week gone by

Helping tide over adverse times: Man's best friend receiving a helping hand...

Inspite of what the IMF says about the end of recession, we still find chickens in the stock market..(this guy was asked to change after his boss noticed that he was in violation of the prescribed stock exchange dress code)

"So Tweet"
Tharoor is all exhausted by the activity of some Twits in Congress...

Pakistan creating a fog screen on the International Border to facilitate infiltration of terrorists into the Indian side

Some financial institutions are conducting stress tests on systems and employees...

Hanging out..
Indian leaders on their way to attend a conference of ministers. Since the 'cattle class' was crowded, many leaders had to simply hang on...

Exclusive: India's foriegn policy response form

India's foriegn policy response form filled in triplicate by babus after a typical "incident"...

India's foreign policy dilemma


Hafiz Saeed flies economy class, evokes applause

In a dramatic move, Pakistan’s terror mascot and India’s most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed flew economy class on Friday evoking applause from the who’s-who of Pakistan.
“At a time when we are beset with allegations of diversion of alms received from US, this is indeed a very pious and noble move by one of our most beloved and respected terrorists and we welcome it. We have to make sure that all money received from US is properly used,” a senior Pakistani interior ministry bureaucrat said. Sources say that the ISI has taken a cue from this and is planning to issue standing instructions to all terrorists sponsored by it to fly by economy class or travel by trains.

Hafiz was on his way to Islamabad to visit a terror camp on the outskirts of the city. “I have done nothing extraordinary. In fact Pakistan government with aid from the US is doing everything it can to foster terrorist groups and use terrorists to achieve its strategic goals. I am only trying to help in these testing times,” H…

New taxes and cost cutting measures - the unKle way

The Indian government it seems is on a cost cutting mode. Our in house Dharwad-educated economist Swamy-Nuttan Uncleshwar I-err has come up with a few gems to help the cause.

• Reuse shells flung by Pakistan in border areas and sell them back to that country through Iran

• Deploy Mayawathi statues created recently by her on the Indo-Pak border to scare away Paki troops

• Use Emran Hashmi as the brand ambassador for all family planning programs (to show what goes wrong when folks don’t do family planning)

• Use asbestos in future Chandrayan missions

• Impose a dumping tax on china everytime their citizens intrude or defect to India (we don’t want Chinese people or goods in India)

• Impose a “loud mouth” tax on Chinese. This should be collected every time a Chinese official makes a statement on Indian territory

• Impose a looser tax on the Indian cricket team (this has to be paid every time they lose a game)

• Ask the Dalai Lama to pay rent and hospitality charges for his stay in India

• Im…

Jet to start a new super budget airline -

Jet Airways CEO and Dawood’s point man in India Naresh Goyal has announced that his airline would soon start a new feeder service using pilots who have revolted under the banner of National Aviators Guild (NAG). The new service called Jet-NAG will be available on select routes and will feature whining pilots.

Speaking exclusively to media at a press conference, Goyal said that the new service will be launched soon and will cover uneconomic routes. Goyal was flanked by his all weather friend and enabler in the civil aviation ministry, Praful Patel at the press conference. “Jet NAG flights will cost only a third of the cost of their full service counterparts. But the passengers will have to bear with pilots who will be cribbing throughout the flight on the passenger address system in planes. The pilots will be allowed to crib about anything they wish, including intrusion by china, firing by Pakistan, rising price of sugar and the failure of Indian cricket team in Sri Lanka,” Goyal claime…

India to reciprocate to Pak overtures

India has finally decided to repay Pakistan in kind for its efforts to increase the population of terrorists in India. Starting next week, Indian government will be sending one stray dog into Pakistan for every intruder pushed into India by that country. This decision was taken at a high level meeting organized by Home Minister Chidambaram in New Delhi last week.

“We are indeed having a problem with the militants and stray dogs. By pushing stray dogs into Pakistan, at least one problem will be solved,” a senior home ministry official told this blogger over tea. The strays for the job will be sourced from cities like Bangalore that are dealing with the stray dog menace. Sources say that the National Intrusion Monitoring Agency will coordinate with the National Stray Dog Management Agency headed by none other than drama mom Menaka Gandhi for this project.

The project will be funded by a multilateral donor in the initial days and will be extended to areas bordering China in the future. Inc…

Some faces of intruders from from commie land...

China is actively training intruders inside its territory and in other countries to sneak into neighboring nations and eye their are some exclusive images depicting the commie nation's commitment to train and dispatch intruders...

The brand ambassador for chinese intruders..

China is training a bunch of animal intruders too..

Unveiling the new logo for Chinese Intrusion Academy

A chinese intruder hiding inside enemy territory...he is playing a guitar to pass time

Chinese intruders being trained to intrude underwater

Pakistan is already a expert in this area: A Pakistani intruder launches himself into India

Why are the Chinese intruding into India…?

Find out why Chinese army stooges are barging into Indian territory as if there is no tomorrow…
* Some of them are trying to defect (only to be caught and thrown back to China)
* Some are coming to partake in the Jinnah festival organized by the BJP
* Some wanted to participate in Rakhi’s Swayavar (a dubbed version of which is currently being telecast by some Chinese channels)
* Some used a government sponsored Chinese version of google maps (Coogle) which shows the world as Chinese territory
* Some wanted to eat some real food other than noodles
* Some sought to meet the Dalai Lama, thinking he is a local action hero
* Some seek to learn more about the noble art of shoe throwing so that they could go back and fling a few slippers at their commie leaders
* Some wanted to earn a few bucks through the national rural employment guarantee scheme
* Some wanted to objectively participate in the twitter vs facebook debate (without the Chinese government telling them what stand to take)
* Some of t…

Life in Pakistan...

A Led Zeppelin fan at a weekend concert featuring local bands (playing cover versions) in Karachi

Jihadis preparing for infiltration...

A promotion drive launched by a major telcom co in Pakistan...they have hidden a suicide bomber in one of the boxes...people who guess the correct box will be provided a free talktime of a month and a untraceable number to make threatening calls

Volunteers signing up for Jihad at a recruitment camp..

Arms captured from Taliban by pak army. The weapons will be handed back to them in a grand ceremony after the press release on the capture is issued.

Supplies meant for Pak army being loaded...

Pakistan is training a new bunch of Ski Jehadis who can operate in snow capped areas.

Scene inside a Pak pub...