Whats in this week...

What’s in this week
The most active blogger in this part of the world tracks the latest trends….

Releasing trapped journalists. Several Clinton wannabes are scouting the globe for locating journalists trapped in countries run by tin pot dictators. The next step involves going on a paid vacation and getting the guys released.

Frisking American celebs: The Indian government has invited eligible singles to apply for a job that involves frisking American celebs (thoroughly). The government has already asked Emran Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt to man the immigration counters to frisk, detain, question and harass US politicians when they visit India. These politicians will also be subjected to a movie marathon involving the two..

Chili bomb: filled with Bhut Jolakia chilies from Assam, these bombs will be used in parliament and legislative assemblies to calm agitating unruly politicians. It will also be used in malls and other public places to disperse mobs to prevent the spread of swine flu.

Swine flu mask: is also preventing the foot in the mouth disease. We haven’t heard any pro Jinnah statement from Advani yet, Raj Thackrey is silent, even Rakhi Sawant hasn’t spoken much offlate, thanks to the mask. However, the non wearers like Jaswant Singh continue to place both their feet firmly in the mouths-everytime they speak.

End of recession in sight: six of the top-ten economies around the world have officially come out of recession. Shouldn’t this mean the end of days for low pay, more work hours, stressful dress code and mean bosses? Hope the naysayers are not right on this one.

Home remedies to cure swine flu: Theres a definite psychological value attached to this. Cant buy Tami flu? Prepare your own version. Ingredients – neem leaves, fresh Bitter gourd juice, garlic paste, black pepper, lemon extract and turmeric. Mix in 5 day old curd and consume in one go…if you survive this, please comment.

Google caffeine: incredible speed..nothing else has changed. May be US should try searching for Osama using this one. Am sure the results will be much more interesting. Is there a faster version of maps in the offing? Will ISRO also challenge google’s dominance in the search space? Only future will tell.

Jinnah House, Mumbai: The government is planning to convert the house belonging to the British point man Jinnah into a terror museum. The museum will have relics from each one of the terror attacks directed against India that have been sponsored by Pakistan.


Apple said…
I dont mind Frisking those from US of A!! :P
Apple said…
and the opening of ur this blog..reminds me of some1sitting in Brazil!! ;)
Prayukth said…
Yeah appy...we all do...this one is dedicated to the dude :)))

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