Variants of swine flu and those affected by it…

Variants of swine flu and those affected by it…
Influenza of the rich – Swipe flu
Influenza of the alpines – pine flu
Influenza of the brave – spine flu
Influenza of the optimist – fine flu
Influenza of the foodie – dine flu
Influenza of the possessive – mine flu
Tailor’s influenza – twine flu
Influenza at school – line flu
Saline influenza - brine flu
Influenza of the stars - shine flu
Trigonometry Influenza - Sine flu


Experts continue to warn against giving anti-viral drugs to pregnant women & children suffering from swine flu

Swine Flu
Anonymous said…
Influenza of the irate- whine flu
Apple said…
I suffer from Fine Flu...What do u recommend?? ;)

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