Unique way of harrasing employees

The government of India has issued a stern warning to private companies that are imposing various forms of harassment on their employees during these adverse times. This blogger has learnt that the government is actively considering a series of measures to protect employee interests and to prevent them from being harassed at their workplaces.

“We have learnt that some companies have started imposing dress code on their employees and are harassing them under this pretext. Forcing such unwarranted restrictions on the employees is a violation of their human rights and if companies won’t stop such inhuman practices we will ensure that such companies are not allowed to function in India. If needed we may even jail their senior management guys,” a senior HRD ministry official told this blogger.

Sources say that the HRD ministry has shortlisted nearly 20 Indian companies that are indulging in such “unethical practices”. The ministry is also confabulating with the law ministry to prepare a draft of a new law to curb such practices and make companies fall in line.

“The harassment resources (HR) guys in some companies are completely unemployed now. The recruitment has stopped and there are no appraisals so they are resorting to cheap tricks to register their presence. Why won’t they let employees do their work in peace and not bother about trivial things like dress and their personal lives”? This was a question asked by an employee who was made to change his attire recently, due to alleged “non compliance” with the company’s dress code. “If companies want to really save costs, they should simply do away with the Humor Resource (HR) guys and let the teams handle recruitment by themselves. I am not saying that there are no good HR guys. But when people propagate such unprincipled practices, we need to put our foot down,” he added.

Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal told this blogger that the government would soon constitute a GoM on the issue and frame penalties that can be imposed on companies that outline Taliban-styled laws to enslave their employees. “We are talking about hard working employees who work day in and day out to ensure that their companies stay profitable. This is the productive work force of the nation that brings in much needed Forex from abroad to the government’s coffers, pays taxes and ensure that the nations brand equity is enhanced with every project that they complete. I am proud of these guys who have placed India firmly on the world map. The least we can do is make sure that no one exploits them and ensure that they work and thrive in a productive and nurturing environment,” Sibal added.

Another employee who didn’t want to be named says “I feel like I am living in Afghanistan under the Taliban. They are trying to control everything I do, wear and think. Its high time that the government did something about this”.


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