Swine flu demands facebook privileges

Social Whiners Enterprise Networking across Facebook, Linkedin and Orkut(SWINE Flu) has asked the government of India to introduce a chapter on facebook status of famous personalities. The demand was made by SWINE Flu national president Dr Tweet Facebooki in the national capital on Friday morning.

In an exclusive video posted on You Tube, Dr Facebooki urged the government to agree to this request at the earliest. “We have had leaders like Obama and Rahul Gandhi, who are doing a great job on facebook and twitter. I want all the kids to learn about their status messages. This could inspire them; in fact current affairs or GK should include questions on the Facebook profile of famous leaders,” he said.
Political leaders and self-professed academicians were however quick to dismiss the demand saying it was too immature to merit attention. “Which leader would like kids to answer questions on his personal life? I mean we have leaders whose only claim to fame is having multiple wives, seeking bribes, screaming, wrestling or sleeping in parliament, cash for questions etc. so what example will we be setting for our generation next”? A renowned academician asked this blogger.

Another renowned academician who gets hit by shoes on Facebook frequently has filed a PIL in the Supreme Court seeking an injunction on use of apps on Facebook. “These apps are corrupting people. Every day, when I log in, I see so many shoes flying. The Ambani brothers are constantly flinging shoes and sheeps at each other and in the past, Aishwarya Rai used to change her relationship status so frequently that the fb servers used to crash. I am told that the CEO of FB had sent a personal thank you note to Abhishek Bachchan and even wanted to attend their wedding," he said.

"The Uttar Pradesh department of social networking creates at least two communities dedicated to Mayawathi each day and forces state employees to join them. In fact the captain of the North Korean ship that was detained recently is said to be using some unbloggable language on his facebook profile against the Indian government for seizing the ship. So we should ban all apps available on facebook,” he added.


Apple said…
UP Dept of Social Networking??
I thought it worked in a way wherein u just had to step out and scream teh name of teh person u were lookin for..This civilised??ahmm...

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