Reasons why Hashmi didn’t get a home in Pali hills

• The housing society didn’t want to replace their new industry strength vacuum cleaner
• He wanted to give 300 kisses as down payment
• He was planning to offer 3000 unsold DVDs of his movies to the society
• He wanted uncle Mahesh Bhatt to get a subject for his new movie
• He wanted to tell bollywood that he was alive
• No one believed him when he said that he was a celebrity
• He thought that NOC was the line dividing Indian and Pakistani troops in Kashmir
• He wanted his neighbors to stroll around in a bikini
• The local hair dressers association protested against his presence in the vicinity as they felt that Emran would ruin their reputation
• He couldn’t pass the acting test conducted by the society
• When he walked in initially, the watchman thought he was a Rakhi Swayamwar contestant who had lost his way
• He kissed a society member, who is yet to recover from comma


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