Musharaf on fudge ka samna

Gen Parvez Musharaf, is a man who likes to live it up. He has seen almost all defeats that the pak army has endured except the first one in 1948. This is a transcript from a game show that Mush had attended recently. Faced with many embarrassing questions, Mush managed to brave it all and probably for the first time in his life was forced to tell the truth. So heres Musharraf on Fudge Ka Samna…(the Pak version of Sach ka Samna)

Note: the responses in italics represent a lie.

Quest: Is it true that you cannot count beyond 5?
Mush: true

Question: Have you ever been thrashed black and blue by your wife?
Mush: true

Question: is it true that you were a big time bragger during your college years?
Mush: true

Quest: Have you ever tried to kill a civilian leader of Pakistan
Mush: yes

Quest: Have you ever done house hold chores for a foreign head of state?
Mush: So many times

Quest: You are not able to sleep without your favorite Pokimon soft toy. True or false?
Mush: true

Next level

Quest: You have witnessed the death of one of your colleagues during a conflict.
Mush: true

Quest: Have you ever cried due to non military reasons when pak army was defeated?
Mush: True (when they stopped giving munchies as part of our ration after the 1971 defeat)

Quest: Have you ever swindled money in an arms deal involving the Pakistan army?
Mush: true

Quest: Did you ever cheat in school?
Mush: True

Quest: Were you made to sleep in the dog house by your wife at any point of time?
Mush: So many times

Quest: were you aware of the conspiracy behind Zia’s death?
Mush: True

Quest: Did you ever cooperate with Osama Bin Laden to quell a rebellion?
Mush: True

Quest: Did you ever lie to ensure the failure of a summit organized by the Government of India?
Mush: True

Quest: Was Kargil a defeat for the pak army?
Mush: No No we won there


Apple said…
hehehehe..he broke his own winning spree!!
Prayukth said…
yeah appy...his relative is based in france..send me a cool mail yesterday and was thrashed in return;)

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