How to beat swine flu

India’s most practical health minister ever lines up a series of measures to defeat Swine flu.

• Improve the quality of content on television to keep people away from the streets
• Play Emran Hashmi’s movies in multiplexes and theaters to keep the crowds away
• Ask Mayawathi to go on a nationwide tour...that will keep people in their homes
• Ask ISPs to provide free broadband access for the next three months
• Permit PDAs (kocchie-kooing) in public places
• Bring those exploding Nokia batteries back…
• Make Celina Jetly the ambassador of those affected by the flu
• Make wearing masks compulsory just like helmets
• Declare “the Mask” as a educational movie
• Let Jaswant Singh write a book on Swine flu...the disease will simply die down then
• Make P Chidambaram the health minister


Anand said…
>Declare “the Mask” as a educational movie

That one truly takes the cake :)

Interesting read.
Apple said…
"kocchie-kooing" Wonder why does THAT sound familier!!
Prayukth said…
:)))) the ones for ya appy :))

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