Funny images for the week gone by

"Mayawathiji...are you in there?" The UP CM's PA frantically searches for his boss..after she went jogging early morning.

The new mask to prevent swine flu built by useless as a Mayawathi statue. This one is meant to scare the virus away.

Museum of horrors - a museum dedicated to recession

Who says aliens dont live among us...?

Look who turned up to cheer Jaswant Singh

Afghan President Karzai casting his vote on "whos the greatest entertainer ever"...

Lewis Hamilton gives his thumbs up for the Harsha Bhogle hair treatment...The costly treatment involves drilling deep into the customer's scalp under zero gravity and planting hair saplings.


Apple said…
WOW..Jaswant singh still ha sa fan base!! :)
Fanning him with their tails!!
Prayukth said…
:))))))))))))))))))) coludnt stop laughing at this one appy :))))))))) thanks to the squirrelizer :)

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