Pakistan to handover T-shirts signed by top terrorists

In a self proclaimed “goodwill gesture” Pakistan has send a T-shirt to India containing signatures of top terrorists based in that country. The Tee has been signed by every one from Osama Bin Laden to Mullah Omar, Al Egypti, Sayeed and other most wanted terrorists being sought by US and India.

“None of these terrorists are based in Pakistan and we just happened to meet some of them at various places on the Pak-Afghan border. We made them sign these Tees and told them that the casual wear will make its way through South Block and Oval office. Many have accused Pakistan of not doing enough on the war on terror and this is our way of showing that we do,” Pakistan’s loud mouth foreign minister Qureshi told this blogger over a cup of tea two days back.

The Tee will be handed over to the Indian PM by Qureshi in September this year. Pakistan has said that it hopes to improve the strained relations between the two nations and this gesture will help clear the air of suspicion over her intentions. “It was really difficult to get these signatures and India must appreciate our effort. This will show once and for all that we are really serious about the whole thing,” Qureshi added. Pakistan will be giving another one of these Tees to Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.


Apple said…
And this T-shirt will be exchanged as a token everytime we initiate friendship/peace talks with that country...but we will never be able to comeup with such an apt gift for them
Prayukth said…
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