Pakistan to celebrate military losses

Ten years ago, cowards from the Pakistan army were thrashed, packaged and dumped back into Pakistan occupied Kashmir by the Indian defense forces across Kargil, Batalk and Drass. The rag tag bunch of hoodlums that calls itself Pakistan army was so humiliated by the loss that it didn’t even claim the bodies of its own soldiers. A decade later, the very same guys have finally decided to leave the past behind and celebrate the loss.

“We have had enough. The Indian Army has squished and trampled us so often that we are now reconciled to the fact that we will only be defeated every time we try and cross the border. We have therefore decided to celebrate the loss so the morally vanquished Pakistan army will have something to cheer about. We have always maintained that the India have never defeated us so we will celebrate such days with pomp and grandeur, a spokesperson of the Pakistan army said.

So far, Pakistan wartime losses have been spoken in hushed tones across that country. In fact in the case of Kargil, inspite of launching a full-fledged military operation across the LoC, Pakistan army has never acknowledged the presence of its army regulars, let alone its shameful defeat. “In case of Kargil we were so cowardly that we didn’t even talk about the war till now. We were really ashamed to speak about the loss and we were growing more cowardly with each passing year and we wanted to finally move on. So in a way you can that we are finally coming out,” the Pakistan army spokesperson said.

Pakistan army, sources claim will be launching counter celebrations on days which the Indian Army will celebrate. Pak army will also be honoring cowardly regiments which have demonstrated exceptional cowardice in combat operations. This will include officers who have refused to fight from the front and were running operations from the comfort of their homes while their men were being killed like flies at the front and those regiments who have left their soldiers to rot across the LoC.


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