India wants Zardari on Sach ka samna

India has asked Pakistan to send its ISI chief to attend a session at Star Plus’ latest reality show “Sach ka Samna”. This demand was made through official channels by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs a few days back.

Sach ka Samna is an adaptation of an internationally acclaimed show called "Moment of the Truth". Show participants who dare are asked few difficult questions on their life and their responses are studied through a lie detector. If the participant is lying, the host will immediately know and the contestant is disqualified.

“By putting the ISI chief through the lie detector, the world will know what we have always known. In fact that other guy called Rehman Malk can be used to test the warranty and after sales service on these lie detectors,” a senior external affairs ministry dude told this blogger.It will be a realtime stress test for the lie detectors to test these clowns.If not anything, we will get a few cheap thrills from the whole thing. The Pakistanis are not going to be ashamed or embarrassed by all this as they are used to such humiliation. In fact I must say that for every lie that is detected, the ISI honcho must be awarded a date with Mayawathi or Mamta,” he added.

It may be remembered that when the ISI chief had last attended a session with the lie detector, the machine had started beeping like an ambulance siren and the equipment had to be shut down due to a surge as all readings had gone off charts. The ISI chief had then answered just a few basic questions on cross border terrorism and they had not even asked questions on Taliban and 26-11. Pakistani troops had then barged in and stopped the shoot of the show done by a local TV channel.


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