Happy World Population Day

Indian government has greeted its citizens on World Population day. This blogger suggests ways to get the numbers to fall..

* Increase broadband internet access and reduce access charges
* Make sex education mandatory for adults
* All singles to get tax breaks
* Increase happy hours at bars;
* Tax relief for couples involved in long distance relationships
* Guys fathering more than two kids to go on a dinner date with Mamta\mayawathi\jayalalitha and pay a special ‘kid tax’ which will be 1 per cent during the first year of the birth of the third kid and increase with the increase in the age of the kid
* Make Varun Gandhi India’s health minister
* Husbands having more than three kids to be referred to as ‘strays’ henceforth
* Guys having more than two kids will not be rescued in a hostage situation and will not be eligible for any government job and cannot hold any public posts
* Couples with more than two kids should be sent to Australia for higher education
* Couples with more than two kids will be made to watch all of MTVs reality contests for 72 hours
* Couples with more than two kids can be chosen for India manned moon mission (one way)

If nothing else works, Indian government needn’t worry. The next batch of terrorists must be training in various parts of Pakistan right now and will soon cross over. They seem to be more worried about our population than us.

Happy World Population Day


Joseph said…
Thats what you call Thought Leadership. PJ spot on man.
Apple said…
Also..Make Treesa the Spokesperson...its her b'day the world is remembering when its so populated :P
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
deekay said…
a nice one prayukth..... :)
Anonymous said…
Good one !!!

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