Government to honor irritating politicians

The Indian government has come out with a unique scheme to discourage politicians who disrupt proceedings and raise frivolous issues in parliament. An announcement on this was made by the nation’s unparliamentary affairs minister Chavvani Lal on Friday evening.

“Such politician(s), who force an adjournment, will be provided a set of premium diapers from Huggies. The diaper set will be handed over in a ceremony organized in the constituency of the MP along with a certificate highlighting his or her deeds. The idea is to make these guys feel childish and discourage them from indulging in unparliamentary behavior,” Lal said.

The government it seems has finally made up its mind to take on the politicians who waste the time of the government and the ‘honorable’ members of parliament. In addition the government will also be penalizing politicians who raise frivolous issues in parliament. “We will start with that clown who raised the issue of a TV show where people are made to confess their deepest secrets. We are now negotiating with the TV channel to get this guy on the show. We want him to answer those questions, while being monitored by the lie detector and I am quite sure his revelations will provide enough thrust to the show’s TRPs. If such MPs don’t stop at this, we have other ideas also,” Lal said.

There has been a mixed response to the whole issue from politicians. Some have welcomed it while others have called the whole move a farce to move the attention of people away from “genuine issues such as the sell off at Sharam-el-Sharif”.


Apple said…
Mixed Response?Do we ever give a unanimus view?? :)
Prayukth said…
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