Celeb books

Celebs and politicians are at it again. Writing books to while away their time and indulge in a bit of narcissistic spectatorial pleasure. Here are a few more books penned by such guys that will be on the shelves soon…

* Stupor man - Deve Gowda
* Hard to say “good bai” - Shiny Ahuja
*‘Bust’ed - Mayawathi
* All in a de’s work - Shobhaaa De
* The man who rode the thunder - Carla
* Those stupid EVMs did me in - Lallo
* Heel the world – by the anonymous shoe thrower
* How to use a can opener – Asif Ali Zardari
* Anemia - L K Advani
* Frog legged fraud – Scamlinga Raju


Apple said…
Also..."When too many awards are never enuf' by jaya Bacchan..dedicated to her daughter in Law
Prayukth said…
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