US is helping Pakistan plot another 9-11

USA is becoming desperate to have another terrorist strike on its soil. How do I say that? Well Obama administration, these days, is turning every stone to promote a terrorist state called Pakistan in South Asia without considering the consequences. Does this administration realize what it is getting into?

Pakistan is a country that has broken every single international law that was ever made. Sample this: Pakistan has on record broken laws related to:

• Trade with terrorist groups and terrorist nations
• Nuclear proliferation
• Missile technology control
• Trade in abusive substances
• Trade in weapons of mass destruction
• Human trafficking
• Ceasefire
• UN conventions
• Export of dangerous weapons
• Diversion of humanitarian aid for military purposes
• Maritime regulations

America has been consistently aiding and abetting Pakistan, protecting it at various international fora and chipping in with dollars when the nation went bankrupt. All this has emboldened Pakistan to indulge in unabashed brinkmanship and held the entire subcontinent to ransom with its belligerence and willful nonchalance to the concerns of its neighbors. It has also joined hands with regional bully China to further the cause of the latter’s hegemonic ambitions.

Obama is conveniently ignoring the fact that the seeds for the last 9-11 were sown during the days of Bill Clinton. Pakistan-based terrorists had then high jacked IC 814 and got some of their colleagues released in exchange for hostages. US and the international community ignored India’s request for help and slipped into a deep slumber only to come out when India had released the terrorists and the chapter was considered closed. What US didn’t realize then was that this was a dry run for a larger operation and had the blessings of Al Qaeeda chief Osama. Al qaeeda used this as a model to plot the largest terror attack on US soil. Further, FBI knows that the money for 9-11 execution team was wired from Karachi by a ex-ISI spook. What would have been US’ reaction if India and the rest of the world had refused to back them after 9-11, saying that it was a bilateral problem between US and the Al Qaeeda (created and nurtured by Pakistan with US money and arms)??

Now Mr Obama, you are doing exactly what Mr Clinton had done and would the results be any different? If you had any spine left in you, you would have taken Pakistan to task for releasing Sayeed, founder of LeT. You would not have released US$ 20 million to Pakistan, the day this release was made. Were you endorsing this decision of the Pak government? Or did you suffer from a severe case of intelligence lapse? Or maybe you made this decision because you were aware that this money would come back to USA through weapons sales made to the world’s most dangerous nation.

This battle is ours alone to fight…
Either way, the path for India is now clear. We have to chart our own course and stop looking towards USA to help us in our fight for survival. We should not expect US (or for that matter the international community) to do anything to control Pakistan since the latter is a stooge of the former. Pakistan has bartered its national pride and its territorial honor by selling itself to USA and her interests.


Sugato said…
Well said..
Prayukth said…
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Apple said…
Pakistan---National Pride???
Ahh..right!! They are Antonyms!!
Prayukth said…
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