Pakistan to nationalize all terror groups

In a move designed to move its terrorist agenda forward, Pakistan has decided to nationalize all terrorist groups operating out of its territory.

After releasing Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan has now taken this bold step to flaunt its terror credentials to the world and expose its dirty game. “We cant do anything else to demonstrate the fact that we are the world’s most dangerous nation and will go to any extend to destabilize peace and stability in the Sub Continent,” said Qureshi, Pakistan’s foreign minister.

As part of the nationalization process, Pakistan government would take over the bank accounts of all these organizations and assign bureaucrats to control their day-to-day functioning. As the next step, the ISI will take complete control of these organizations and free them from the complicated reporting structure (internal and to Pak government)that exists today.

Pakistani government sources told this blogger that it was concerned about the fact that some of these organizations had started going slow on Pakistan’s stated terror agenda and were blaming the lack of reporting transparency. “The existing structure was very confusing and may terrorists would simply ignore orders from Pakistani government to carry out terror attacks in foreign countries,” a source said.

Hafiz to be inducted into Pak cabinet
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Pant Gilla-ni has stated that Hafiz would be inducted into the Pakistani government in a “responsible” position soon. He said that Hafiz was an asset to Pakistan and that his government would go to any lengths to protect those who have indulged in terrorist activities against “enemy countries.”

When asked about Pakistan’s seriousness in the war on terror, Gilla-ni said “Pakistan has repeatedly said that it is as serious as Chris Tucker when it came to deal with terrorism and terror. We have thrived on making a mockery of UN laws and international pressure to act against terror”

Obama administration has meanwhile decided to offer another tranche of $ 1 billion dollars to Pak for its stellar role in the war on terror.


Anonymous said…
what about inducting hafiz into pakistan's "hall of fame"

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