Pak terrorists worried about US travel advisory

The umbrella body of all terrorists operating in Pakistan - Pakistan Terrorists Association (PTA) has expressed concern over US issuing a travel advisory for its citizens traveling to India. PTA spokesperson Mullah So-mar has asked all terrorists groups in Pakistan to delay or even cancel plans to send terrorists onsite to India.

“We are concerned about the safety of our terrorists. We don’t want them to be injured or killed in that unsafe country. In fact government of Pakistan has already told us to cancel plans till US withdraws the advisory and we take such advisories seriously,” So-mar said. Pakistan based groups like Lashkar and Jaish have been extensively training terrorists to send them on projects in India. Some of them have even beefed up their bench strength to meet all exigencies. These terrorists were to be dispatched in batches starting May this year. But the advisory may put a spanner in the works.

“We have already issued offer letters to so many campus recruits. In addition, our lateral work force is also all trained and ready. However, we don’t want to take any chances,” a HR head with a Karachi-based terror MNC with operations in 12 countries told this blogger’s close friend. He further said that “our organization will honor all offer letters and we may even consider extending the training period or sending some of them on shoe-throwing missions in the middle east,”.

PTA meanwhile is working closely with the US embassy in Pakistan and Richard Holbrook has assured the terrorists that the advisory would be lifted soon. “Nothing gives the Obama administration more pleasure than supporting the cause of these terrorists. We will ensure that the terrorists are able to wreck mayhem in India and cause more 26-11s,” a beaming Holbrook said. The US government has approved the dispatch of $20 million towards compensating the terrorists affected by the advisory. “If needed we will dispatch more,” Holbrook added.

“I cant wait to go onsite. I have been recruited for a major project in India and I hope that this advisory is lifted soon so that I can infiltrate into India,” a Jaish operative was overheard saying.


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