Obama's biggest win yet

India has sent a congratulatory message to US on Obama administration achieving a significant milestone in its war on terror. The message issued on behalf of government of India by a vegetable seller near the ministry of external affairs is an official one and has the blessings of India’s foreign minister S M Krishna.

It may be remembered that during an interview with CNBC, Obama gave a fatal slap to a pesky fly that was bothering him. In his letter to Obama, the vegetable seller has called this as the “biggest victory” of the Obama administrations war on terror. He goes on to say “Mr President, may I have the privilege of rating this as one of your finest accomplishments in your tenure as the president of the US. This ranks right up there with the overtures you are making towards a terrorist state in our neighborhood. I am pleased to inform you that these two incidents will help the world become a safer and secure place in the future”, he said.

Strategic experts are of the opinion that this is indeed a big step that the Obama administration has taken towards defeating terrorists. “This will embolden the administration to take a few more steps towards defeating the global evil of terrorism,” an expert told this blogger over a casual chat at a local dhabba.

We did it: Al qaeeda
Meanwhile, an Al Qaeeda spokesperson has claimed responsibility for the incident. “This fly was one of our soldiers who was martyred in the war against the great satan. Though this deed he has made himself immortal and his sacrifice will not go in vain,” said Mullah Go Mar, official spokesperson of Al Qaaeda on Twitter.

Coming soon, an exclusive copy of the letter


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Al Qaeeda looks like it has a biggg attention problem..
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