Mayawathi, the worst CM ever...

Mayawathi is easily among the most incompetent and drab leaders the country has ever seen, the entire nation wishes she would just vanish. Imagine wasting 1200 crores on statues..she is a curse on this country and its citizens..lets make sure that she is never ever elected again and her party banished from the Indian political landscape. Till such a time, here are a few things we can do to keep her occupied...

• Use her as a dummy to test the effectiveness of bullet proof jackets brought by the Mumbai police
• Have her head the met department
• Have her replace one of her dummies with her real life self (pigeon crap included)
• Post her as India’s ambassador to Australia and make sure that she keeps meeting the Aussie PM every single day till he agrees to take sterner measures to curb racist attacks
• Appoint her as Shiny Ahuja’s lawyer
• Deploy her on the Line of Control to scare away Pakistani army
• Extend her contract with the Ramsay brothers
• Deploy her on the Bangladesh border to scare away illegal migrants
• Appoint her as the brand ambassador of Lehman bros
• Certify her as India’s weapon of mass destruction and retain her as part of India’s second strike capability alongside our nuke arsenal
• Use her in the anti-pirate operations off the coast of Somalia
• Appoint her as India’s permanent ambassador to Pakistan. Wan Pakis that if a terror attack happens, Maya will go on a dinner date with Pak’s army chief, the ISI chief and chief of Lashkar/Jaish
• Make her the chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh (apologies to folks from that part of our country); to ensure that China gives up its claim on that state
• Keep her at the IGI airport to scare away the birds


Charu said…
ha ha ... I like the new roles for Maya ;) ... the best according to me was "Deploy her on the Line of Control to scare away Pakistani army" :)
arun said…
LOL... really this specimen requires much more.... and i really doubt if all these will have any effect. She might want her statue next to Taj Mahal or even inside it..
Apple said…
Or Just ger her here..
If there isnt much chaos already
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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