Indo-Pak talks to focus on weather

When Indian PM and Pakistani president meet each other on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit in Russia next week, weather will be the topic of discussion from the Indian side. This is the first high level meeting between the two sides and as usual India is not expecting anything to come out of talks with Pakistan.

The Indian PM is expected to discuss weather with extra emphasis on local conditions with Zardari. The idea is to do complete time pass and get out of the room quickly so that the Indian PM can focus on other important dialogues and get some work done.

“We have had enough of talks with Pakistan. We have tried to raise relevant issues with them; but they have always tried to either dodge such issues or keep on harping about non-issues like Kashmir, Adnan Sami’s weight and Indian bloggers posting on Pakistan. So this time we have decided to give it back to them and just do absolute timepass. We would rather discuss bilateral trade and globally relevant issues with Nauru, than Pakistan. You just cant discuss anything serious with an entity as irrelevant and as droll as Pakistan,” A senior external affairs ministry mandarin told this blogger through a message send via Nimbuzz.

Sources have also told this blogger that the government has finally given up on Pakistan. “How we wish this nation would simply disappear from the face of the planet. Many of world’s problems can be attributed to this one nation. If there was any country that could win the global pain in the neck award, this is it,” another senior bureaucrat in the ministry said. “We have given a script to the PM that will cover weather, traffic in Moscow, the history of Kremlin and finally Russian food. Once that is done we can call it quits,” she added.


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