India to get a National Relationship Exchange

In line with its promise of providing stable and nurturing relationships to all singles, the UPA government is all set to enact a National Relationship Guarantee Act. A bill to this effect will be tabled in the house soon and the government has given itself a deadline of 100 days to convert it into an act.

Speaking exclusively to this blogger via a walkie talkie from Siberia, Union minister for relationships Sneha Lal said “UPA government is committed to the welfare of all singles in the country. As part of this commitment we will be tabling a comprehensive bill in the house that will make it easier for singles to find “offline” relationships easily”. The UPA government, in its poll manifesto had promised to provide various benefits to certified singles and this seems to be a move in that direction.

Your favorite blogger managed to grab a copy of this bill by bribing the PA of Sneha Lal. The highlights of this bill include:

• Tax relief for singles for one assessment year
• Added 5 percent tax break for those who get into stable relationships that last for more than 5 years
• Free relationship counseling at government run centers for single boys and gals
• Faster passport processing for those single folks who will be entering into a relationship with citizens from other countries
• Subsidized travel via Indian Railways or Air India for singles who will be meeting their partners after the relationship is approved by the Govt. of India

Another key recommendation of this bill is the establishment of a National Relationship Exchange in select cities. Singles will be invited to register themselves in this exchange to be run on the lines of various stock exchanges and connect with potential partners. This exchange will be regulated by the Relationships Exchange Board of India, a body that will prevent misuse of the facility. “We will make the whole process ‘Shiny proof’ and only those with pious intentions will be able to register with the exchange, that too after undergoing a through verification exercise,” Sneha says referring to the recent incident involving a actor and his maid of honor.


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