In conversation: India's relationship minister

Bakra Dutt in conversation with India’s relationship minister Sneha lal.

BD: Why is there a sudden focus on relationships? What’s the need?

SL: India has always valued and cherished relationships and the Indian government sees immense value in bonds that connect two or more people. Nations that are driven by innovation must place emphasis on relationships and that is a fact. People who are in relationships are more creative and they are able to sustain and build on their creative potential simply by harnessing the stability that a relationship offers.

BD: Didn’t get you. I am still single and as creative as I ever was and how will a relationship change things overnight for me?

SL: When you are single, most of your energies are focused on getting a partner or a date. When you finally find someone, you can focus those energies elsewhere. That is exactly why we are encouraging relationships. We want India to turn into a nation of innovation.

BD: What are you saying? I was in a relationship till a few days back and it did nothing to improve my creativity or anything else. Anyway lets not go there. Why is the Indian government brining out a National Relationship Guarantee bill?

SL: We are in the midst of recession. There is slowdown everywhere and people are running around to get some really good ideas to transform their business and rake in the moolah. We are in desperate need of new ideas and my government believes that the best of getting ideas is to push people into relationships and get them thinking. This act will give incentives for people to get into stable relationships and move ahead in life and bring in a whole wave of innovation.

BD: you think all this will work?

SL: Lets give it a shot. Just like the National Rural Employment Scheme was directed towards generating employment in the rural areas of the country, this one will generate more workable ideas in urban areas.


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