Why the mercury is soaring this summer...

* IPL cheerleaders
* Bill Gates forgot to turn off his heater after last winter
* Return of pro beach volleyball to San Diego
* Bhappi Lahiri has stopped wearing his white tux. This means a 32 percent reduction in solar radiation being reflected from earth
* FTV extending the lingerie segment to an hour
*Political hate speeches increasing the communal temperature
* People sighing more and exhaling extra thanks to recession
* Taliban burning confiscated copies of playboy and SI in SWAT
* Kingfisher hiring more air hostesses
Heated spat between Air India airhostess @ 30 K feet
Servers consuming extra power and heating up due to Advani’s blog ads popping up all over the net
* Harsha Bhogle covering up his takla; causing a loss of almost 7 percent of prime reflective space
* Lalit Modi constantly rubbing his palms in anticipation of the moolah flow
* Speech writers in Obama administration burning up the midnight oil writing speeches praising Pakistan’s stellar role in the war on terror


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