Series based on elections 2009 on the anvil

It had all the drama, emotion and thrill of a B grade bollywood potboiler and some people feel that these elements could be commercially exploited. A new company floated by Yen Are Eye Chavani Lal has approached the national election commission to buy exclusive footage from the 2009 elections and sell it online and to multiplexes.

“The footage that we have seen on news channels captures only 10 percent of reality. The truth is that there’s still almost 2000 hrs of interesting footage captured by election commission officials out there that has tremendous potential,” Chavani Lal said in an recent interview. “We are planning to air the footage as a series called on the road with Toadies,” he added.

Sources say that the footage Chavani Lal is talking about includes the now infamous Varun video, Lallo’s colorful tirades against Nitish, Modi’s doll-moll speeches, Mamta spewing venom on hapless commies, Amar Singh’s diatribe against everyone, Sanjay’s pupp-jhappi speech and Mayawathi’s threat of falling on her opponents. If packaged properly with apt edits, the video could probably corner as much TRP as a Roadies, a show on MTV that has two dedicated viewers in the Indian sub continent (one of which is the host).

Noted election analyst and political commentator Cyrus Brocha was all agog when he heard the news. “This is really exciting; I mean when you say elections, people start thinking about netas wearing Gandhi caps and talking about turning their constituencies into Paris. This footage belies that belief and depicts a side of the national political landscape that is hidden in newspaper edits and highway dhabha conversations,” he said. However, later Cyrus disowned this quote and claimed that politicians were like Brinjals and amoeba and the closest he has ever come to appreciating politicians is when one of them asked Brocha to throw a shoe at him for gaining publicity.


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