Obama deserves a shoe

President Barack Obama has been awarded the highest Shoe-villain honor by the International Association of Shoe and Projectile Throwers (INSPIRE) the week ending May 23. Obama administration’s act of giving Pakistan more money without adding any strings or imposing any conditions for usage has qualified him for the prestigious award thrown by the international NGO.

“Obama has displayed maturity beyond the call of duty. By sponsoring a terrorist nation and allowing it to splurge money on exporting terrorism and jehadis, Obama has helped the world become more insecure. He has also created more problems for the world’s largest democracy which will soon witness more terrorist attacks funded by this money,” Spokesperson for INSPIRE said in a press conference on Friday.

Meanwhile Jehadis in Pakistan are celebrating the arrival of much needed funds for their coffers. A group of jehadis from Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Toeiba met the Pakistani PM yesterday and discussed ways to utilize this money. “The meeting was quite fruitful and the PM has assured us that after taking the mandatory cut, the money will be routed to all terrorist elements across the nation. The PM also allayed our fears on Taliban grabbing a bigger chunk of the pie,” Jaish spokesperson Nadeem Ansari said after the meet.

Taliban, according to sources, has revised its budget after the news came in. Sources say that the biggest terrorist group in the world will now sponsor more terror attacks through its alliance partner Al Qaeeda and expand its presence in over 5 countries. It is also planning to grow inorganically by acquiring smaller groups and tying up with terror groups active in the Middle East, where it will be opening a fully operational office soon.

INSPIRE will soon identify candidates who will personally throw the shoe at Obama. Hillary will have to do with a slipper at this point..


arun said…
INSPIRE... really cool!!
Apple said…
Woww..that way too good a name..!!!
Prayukth said…
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