North Korea and Pak ink pact; Taliban to establish international base in Pyongyang

After sending nearly 5 missiles into the sky and testing nuke weapons, renegade commie state North Korea has decided to enter into a huddle with its sub continental counterpart Pakistan. The two rogue states have recently inked a pact that provides for greater regional and international cooperation and mutual rear saving at all times.

“This is a historic pact. North Korea and Pakistan have had a long history of indulging in proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. We have both helped each other attain the status of global irritants and now plan to work together to live up to the expectations of the international community, said North Korean minister for proliferation and clandestine trade in WMD, Yukk Thoo Ill.

It may be remembered that most of Pakistan’s missiles are repainted versions of North Korean and Chinese missiles. North Korea had sold many of its Nodong missiles to Pakistan, which were subsequently repainted at the prestigious Karachi-based Pakistan Institute of Plagiarism and Repaint. The missile was to be christened No-Do-Gyrah” to honor the North Koreans, but was subsequently named Ghauri in honor of the sub continental clown and Pakistans national hero.

In an incident that is well etched in the memory of many a proud Pakistani missile scientist, the repaint wing had once forgotten to remove the made in North Korea insignia in one of the missiles being tested. The goof up, which was discovered later, led to the exit of few “repaint experts” and implementation of a serious process-based scrutiny of each missile before testing. Pakistan is also the only country in the world that is known to test “officially untested” versions of its missiles over populated areas. Such is the confidence of the Pakistani establishment in North Korean technology.

The pact called “Mutual rear saving and cooperation Order”, binds both nations to a code of conduct which stipulates:
• Mutual transfer of copied technology
• Extended cooperation in promoting clandestine trade in weapons of mass destruction
• Establishment of a cross-geography free trade zone for traffic in weapons
• Working jointly to screw the free world

Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pakistan’s loudmouth foreign minister has said that this agreement will go a long way in cementing Pakistan’s historic ties with North Korea. “Together we will screw the free world, especially democracies and those nations who believe in providing freedom and progress to their citizens,” he screamed. As part of the agreement, North Korea has invited Taliban to establish an international base in Pyongyang. Taliban’s Head of International Operations Mullah Go-mar will be soon be heading a high level delegation to DPK’s capital to do diligence and conduct a initial feasibility study. “Pakistan, by using the Taliban, has found a way to milk the US and this is a good revenue generation model. We also want to develop a local version of Taliban so that DPK can also receive assistance and technology from the US just like how Pakistan is getting at this point of time,” Ill said.


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